Recovering From Hurricane Irma

FEMA Opens a Disaster Recovery Center in Palm Coast - 4 Days Only

A Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) opens Thursday, Oct.19, for four days in Palm Coast to help Florida storm survivors. The DRC hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. until close of business Sunday, Oct. 22.

Disaster Recovery Centers offer in-person support to individuals and small business owners. Recovery specialists from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and the State of Florida are available to provide assistance to anyone filling out their applications or updating their status. Voluntary organizations are available and offer a variety of services to help survivors recover.

The DRC is at the following address:

Palm Coast (Flagler County)
Flagler County Public Library
2500 Palm Coast Parkway NW
Palm Coast, FL 32137
Hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Solid Waste

Solid Waste has completed their first run through the City picking up storm debris. Between now and November 10 they will be making a second pass through the City. If residents still have storm related vegetative debris that hasn't been brought to the road, please get it out to the Right-of-Way. Try to stack high and as neatly as possible so the grapple truck can pick it all up. Smaller piles of debris left along the property line take longer to pickup.

Storm related bulk household and construction debris will continue to be picked up on Fridays until November 10th. Then it will return to the normal schedule and rate.

Property Owners / residents are responsible for getting storm related debris to the right-of-way. The public Right-of-Way is the area of residential property that extends from the street to the sidewalk, ditch, utility pole, or easement. We request customers separate storm related; bulk pickup items, construction and demolition debris, and vegitative debris (woody burnable debris such as limbs and shrubbery). Only debris that was generated from the storm will be collected. Place bags in a separate pile, not on top of loose debris.

Please do not place any debris near water meter vaults, fire hydrants or any other above ground utility. Please do not place the debris piles in the swale as that will block storm water drainage. Only debris placed in the public Right-of-Way will be eligible for collection.

Public Works and Utilities

All Public Works and Utility crews are working dilengtly on storm water drainage issues. Crews are picking up debris from canals and swales, snaking out clogged culverts, and in some cases installing pumps to remove water from low lying areas. We have received more rainfall the past 6 weeks than any such period in many years. We have plans to install new, bigger culverts under roadways, but will not be able to start construction until it dries up some. Also, we have contacted the State Department of Transportation, as we have discovered much of the issue of flooding in the Deen Rd. area is from SR 100 draining into our system, which the state is addressing. Know that we are dealing with all of these storm water issues, as our highest priorty, as fast and best as we can.

FEMA Disaster Assistance Registration

Be Alert

Be aware of scams. Unfortunately disaster situations also bring out the worst in people. Be careful with unsolicited emails, phone calls, etc. requesting donations. There will be an increasing occurrence of scam and phishing attacks. Please make sure you are not a victim, and use official channels for your donations.

Parks and Recreation

     Edward Johnson Park is open.

     Joann B King is open.

     Versi Lee Mitchel Community Center is available for rent.

     Coquina City Hall closed until further notice.

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